Onyx Thief

– December 2018-January 2019 – Teamwork (9 persons) – 1 month

I did an exercice called “the shmup” at the ENJMIN. In a team of nine persons, I participated to the creation of a shoot’em up, Onyx Thief. We had about a month to make it and it was a very interesting experience.

The game is a top-down shooter with a hook instead of bullets. Your ship is evolving in a cave full of crystalline enemies.

In that game, I worked on :

  • Game design : With a fellow game designer, we instituted the main mecanic (the hook) as well as the level design. We made flowcharts about the enemies (see below) and their behaviour and we planned the level design. We implemented it (I did the second level) on Unity with tools our programmer made for us. I also designed a scoring system.
  • Graphic design : I was a bridge between the two graphic artists and the rest of the team for the whole project (I used asset lists a lot). I gave a precise scale for all assets and did mockups for the whole team to see what the game would look like. I also helped in 3D (texturing and rigging) and tried myself at integration and set up in Unity.

Below is the Game Design Overview that we conceived to guide the whole team through the making of the game:

You can find the game on itch.