– January-June 2014 – Individual work – 5 months –

In 2014, I got my diploma at Ecole Emile Cohl, in the video-game section. I was supposed to produce convincing concept art on a chosen subject, which I did, but I mostly prefered to conceive the architecture of my game. At that time, I barely knew what game design was, and yet I already loved it.

The game takes place in the human body and is based on Pikmin’s gameplay. You play as a young boy, shrunk down to fight viruses in his brother’s body, and you have an army of white cells to help you out.

Preliminary concept (couch-coop concept)
Another preliminary concept
Concept Art of a Phagocyte, a type of white cell

Microbs cannot be played, for it has never been coded, but I made a teaser, as well as a gameplay trailer, all by myself.

Microbs teaser
Microbs gameplay trailer

Below is a portfolio summing up my 2D concept arts on the subject, it mixes both traditional and digital (you can also see some excerpt on artstation):

And below that is the explanation of how Microbs works:

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