– January-June 2014 – Individual work – 5 months –

In 2014, I got my diploma at Ecole Emile Cohl, in the video-game section. I was supposed to produce convincing concept art on a chosen subject, which I did, but I mostly prefered to conceive the architecture of my game. At that time, I barely knew what game design was, and yet I already loved it.

The game takes place in the human body and is based on Pikmin’s gameplay. You play as a young boy, shrunk down to fight viruses in his brother’s body, and you have an army of white cells to help you out.

Microbs cannot be played, for it has never been coded, but I made a teaser, as well as a gameplay trailer, all by myself.

Below is a portfolio summing up my 2D concept arts on the subject, it mixes both traditional and digital (you can also see some excerpt on artstation):

And below that is the explanation of how Microbs works: