– March-May 2019 – Teamwork (9 persons) – 2,5 months –

Aurore won an award at the BIC Festival !

At the end of our first year at the ENJMIN, we were given two months and a half to realize a group project on any subject we wanted. Aurore is the project I worked on and we were all very productive on it because the main mechanic was very clear from the start.

To sum it up, it is a contemplative adventure-puzzle game in which you can resize objects at your will.

My fellow Game Designer, Théo, was the one who pitched the project, and thus was able to create very quickly several bricks on how to use the mechanic.

I took those bricks and conceived the progress of both levels (the one in the clouds and the one in the Baoli). Being also the lead graphic artist on the game, I could really choose how to adapt that Level Design to the environment, and vice versa.

Level 1: Mockup and colour keys test
Level 1: Concept art

We wanted to contrast both levels to show that Aurore’s feelings were evolving quite drastically, which is why I heavily emphasised that in both the level design and the environmental design.

I also wanted to implement a richer narrative layer to the game, to give an explanation to the player as to why Aurore was crossing those lands in her dream world. That is why I created the bonuses and helped implementing them: those photos are memories and the player can link the strange buildings to a reality from another time.

If you are interested in the art behind Aurore, you can check out my artstation or my tumblr.

You can also access the itch page here to play Aurore.

If you are interested in how the game works and its game design, you can download the Game Design Overview below: