Yellow Submarine

– September 2019 – Teamwork (11 persons) – 5 days

I participated to a game about connected objects and accessibility for people with mental disbilities at the ENJMIN. We decided to use a Wiimote to control a vehicle that would be in a virtual world, and to hide that controller in an appealing object that would incite our target audience to play with it.

We ended up with a little game about a submarine in a well-lit environment. Given the time we had to realize this project, we worked with a game-jam attitude, quickly iterating and testing.

3D Assets I did for the project

In that game, I worked on:

  • Game Design: In tandem with Clément, we defined the general gameplay of the game, and I formalized it on a quick Game Design Overview (with Pillars, 3C, Signs and Feedbacks) so that the whole team would always have a clear Vision to refer to.
  • Graphic Design: While Clément was working on the Level Design, You-Jeen and I defined the Artistic Direction with a Moodboard. I produced an Asset List and then proceeded to model animals and environment stuff (see above). I also worked closely with the programmers for the VFX and visual parts.
  • Environment Design: I integrated all environment assets (animals and plants) and disposed them following the plan Clément established in order to give enough to contemplate along the Dolly Camera track.
Tutorial level
We worked on caustics a lot to give the illusion of underwater

Yellow Submarine is available on itch and can be played with a keyboard as well.