– July / November 2019 – 2-persons work – Side-project for 4 months

During summer 2019, I imagined a narrative and asymetrical map that would fit Overwatch worldbuilding and design principles. It gave me an interesting concept to base a study about multiplayer level design and how it can offer an extensive experience to so many players.

Thinking about Assault Maps (2 Control-Points) and why players hate them…

I actually made a small memoire in which I explain my thinking process and the map’s creation (EN):

Video showing the final blockmesh of Vishkar on Unity

While I was working on that prototype, Melusine, 3D graphist, made modular 3D assets to help materialize the map. She based her design on a plan with references I did early on, heavely drawing from Vastu Shaastra principles.

Applying Vastu Shaastra and referencing it for Melusine

Some screenshots of the final result after I integrated everything Melusine created

You can also freely visit the map on