Global Game Jam 2019

– January 2019 – Teamwork (6 persons) – 48h –

I participated to the Global Game Jam 2019 at the ENJMIN with a group of class comrades. The theme was: “What Home means to you”, and we chose to develop the subject on Microsoft Edge, the least used Explorer in our school.

Edgy, the main character
Art: Paul Eyheramouno

And here was created the story about Edgy, misliked explorer being rejected by its user, but determined to stay in Windows, no matter what.

On that 40-ish hours jam, I was:

  • Game Designer: I conceived the interaction system with a fellow game designer.
  • Graphic artist: I made all the icons on the Desk and animated them, as well as the Desk itself.

You can play the game on itch.